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  1. JazminesZoo

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    Sep 28, 2011
    I am curious what got you into the "biggins" & what do you love most about them? Your personal experience in pros & cons. Thanks!
  2. chickenzoo

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    I started with chickens, then turkey, peafowl and kept going to the bigger ones, LOL. I saw an ad for emu chicks and just fell in love. I went to the farm to see the adults and make sure what i was getting into. My first one , Jazzy was the friendliest bird ever. I could dress him up, he'd follow me everywhere, he'd give me huggs, he was just really really special. i miss him greatly. I have 4 other emu, 2 are friendly but not quite as much as Jazzy. Henry is my next friendliest, followed by Pumba. Merlin likes to follow you but doesn't care to be petted. The female , Doodlebug could care less about you. they are very funny in their ways, do silly silly dances, are always investigating things, trying to eat stuff and stealing anything you leave out. Mine do well with my other livestock, but it takes some training. they are very endearing, trusting and innocent in their ways. Picture a chicken or turkey crossed with a horse, and that is somewhat their personality.

    Cons - they like to eat and steal things like jewelry, nails, screws, phones,etc. They like to grab ears and glasses. they can jump very high if scared, can kick like a horse but they have sharp claws on the end of each toe but typically only kick if they are grabbed. They can stomp/ chase animals that they do not perceive as their flock. They are small brained and short attention spanned. they can crash right through a fence when scared because they don't think when they are afraid.
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    Feb 12, 2009
    I too started the same as chickenzoo for the most part..I started with button quail, and went up to Chukar Partridge, Japanese Quail, chickens, etc. I got rid of them ALL and now just raise EMU. in my opinion the chickens were LOUD and messy, and the quails stunk horribly. My Emu's seem to be much cleaner...and are just a lot more "fun" to raise and take care of. They are really hassle free..and I don't have to pull out the bottom of their pen and clean it off all the time! [​IMG]


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