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I jumped in head first and picked up the two new girls I have been waiting for today!!!!!! I boxed them up nicely, made sure they were comfy for the ride home, talked to them sweetly for the first few miles, and they decided they didnt like the boxes. My two new girls are like machines, like robotic war machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasnt 4 miles down the road and Midge was wanting out and there was no way of stopping her. Marge just looked out the top of the box and was like... 'hey dude, 'sup?'. needless to say, they both rode with me in the car on my lap on the way home. Very well mannered I must say.

Marge on my lap. (ignore my fat belly hanging out.)

HOW is this just not the cutest thing ever??????? She sat there the entire ride home and was such a sweety. That's Marge.

This is Midge. She sat on my console and then pooped on it. lol

Yes, smoother the legs with vaseline... or red cote.

I am surprised you got a brown egg! My leghorns always laid white. Thats cool though. They are so pretty! Can I have them? HEHE. I'll give you a rooster in trade. LOL

I think they are white rocks? they dont have the white earlobes as a leghorn. Not sure though???? you can have them IF you take my roo that's 20 weeks. (i have two now, and he's GOTTA go....) it breaks my heart, but my big guy 'Bird is the main dude.

They were a gift to the owner for Superbowl this year as pulletts, so I am guessing they are about a year old?
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Wait, what do you see on their legs that makes you think they have scaly leg mites? I'm not seeing anything. I'm curious.
They are simply adorable by the way. I love that she road in your lap the whole way. I almost did this with a hen who had to go to the vet last week and then I decided I'd better put her in the dog crate in the back. I just had this thought, what if I get pulled over and the cop sees this bird in my lap. Oh My!
Congratulations! You have two beautiful girls there! I looked at the last three images very closely and don't see anything wrong with their legs. They look like perfect normal legs for a chicken anyway.
the pictures didnt show it very well. They definitly do have leg mites. Last night i brought them in and gave their legs a soak and a scrub. The scales on the bottom where they meet the foot are lifted up and not like my others. They were picking at them all afternoon as well. looking irritated at them. They looked really funky and just not right. I mixed some vaseline, a little vetrx, and a drop or two of permitherin and slathered them down with it really good getting under the lifted scales pretty good. The two seemed to really enjoy it! I need to get a few better photos of it. The scales were really rough and lifted and funky. I have never had leg mites before. If they aren't - well then, the girls got a little pampering with a good leg messaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeee.

I am really suprised how well they behaved inside. I didnt expect that. The lady that had them took really good care of them. She just didnt know a lot about chickens and what to do for them. She only had three total in a nice little fenced in wooded suburban area. (Gracie I took a few months back was egg bound and i couldnt save her) Cute nice little house for them, just not good for our Ohio winters. Open to the elements on three of the four sided of their coop. clean, well maintained and everything. No grass - all wooded shaded and stuff. They had fun with fresh grass today when i put them out in the run. I let everyone else out to free range and let Marge and Midge out on their own for awhile. The first thing they did was hit the dirt bath box. It was cute. They didnt have anything really to dust in at their old home.

Both girls sat in the laundry tub with four inched of water and never even flinched. Enjoyed it I think. Both sat on the table on a towel to dry and could have cared less. Both let me slather their legs and rub it in without much care as well. Good girls! I can see they will fit in just great here with my other girls. They have never been around other chickens before, and didnt know what to do when MayMay came near and pecked at the one. They were like " WHAT just happened here?" I took MayMay out of the run and put her with the free rangers....
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