Eye infection?

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    Oct 7, 2011
    After locking our chickens in the coop to re-train to stop roosting in a tree one of my chickens got a eye infection, and I have been treating for almost a week and a have and just as it looks like it is getting better it gets bad again? I have been using antibiotic cream like the feed store suggested, is it just slow to heal?
  2. Any chance you can take your chickie to a vet? If the antibiotic in the cream's not one that's very effective against the bug causing that's causing the infection, then it won't give you good results. If you can't get your birdie to a vet to have the infection cultured & Rx for it perscribed, then you may want to supplement with a different antibiotic, like oral amoxicillin or oxytetricycline (whatever feed store antibiotic you can find that contains a different medicine than the eye cream). That's my 2 cents anyway. [​IMG]

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