Aug 31, 2019
Hi everyone!
I live in Australia and gave three backyard chickens, I'm pretty sure they're ISA browns. We've had them about two years, from a few months old.

A few months ago the girls all went through molt. But one never grew them back, and has continued losing feathers on her chest, neck, all the way down to her bum. The skin is red are sore, and completely featherless. She has also stopped laying, sans for a few soft shelled eggs here and there. Her temperament otherwise seems normal, still eating and friendly and happy. Her sisters are both completely fine.

We have treated for mites, cleaned out everything and treated again, we have been to the vet and they gave us a steroid cream which did very little - the vet was at a loss, we live somewhere where none of the local vets seem to know anything about chickens. She isn't broody (never in the nest). She isn't being picked on and I haven't seen her or any other chooks pulling out feathers. Weve given calcium and protein supplements in their food - we are just at a loss!

The issue has now spanned more than one season and we aren't seeing any improvement. Does anyone have any other ideas?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Pictures can be helpful. Have you looked for mites again on her body? What doe she eat? Do you ever see any pin feathers coming in, that may be getting picked out? You might try increasing her protein in her feed by temporarily feeding a higher protein gamebird feed or flock raiser. I would also put some crushed vitamin B complex into some of her feed 1/4-1/2 tablet daily.

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