Feathers Missing and What Looks To Be Blood!

Derek Kwas

Apr 14, 2017
Plainfield, Illinois
For that last couple of weeks we have seen 1 of our chickens has some feathers lost on her top and the main area is in her neck. Ive seen multiple posts saying its due to molting so I left it alone. Ive also seen a post saying its due to water/coop/feed/run which may have diseases or infections. I dont feel its an infection or disease because our other chickens are fine.
However, today when I went to check on them after coming home from school I noticed she had some feathers missing but what also looks to be blood! I dont know what to do and were asking for any help.

Would giving her a feed thats for feathers help?
Probably she's being pecked by the others and/or overmated by a rooster. You need to put something like bluekote on the area so the others won't see the blood and go after it, they can seriously injure her if they do.
Do you have any pictures of the areas affected? It probably is another hen pecking her, but hard to know for sure. i would spend some time sitting with them while they are outside free ranging to observe behavior. Give them a small treat or some scratch. Make sure that they have plenty of room, and are getting enough protein in the diet, since those 2 things plus not getting outside to roam, can be usual causes of pecking and cannibalism. Use some BluKote spray on any red wounds to prevent pecking.
Alright. Sorry for the late response but I've got some pictures and we have ordered the BlueKote that's on its way.


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Look around for any sharp objects or fencing where she could be injuring herself. Usually feather picking does not become bloody, so I would make sure that he skin is not punctured or injured deeply. Watch to see if she low in the pecking order, and if there is one hen in particular pecking her. Sometimes they get into it over a feeder or a spot on the roost in the evening.

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