Female ducks fighting- HELP!


Dec 8, 2015
Hi everybody, I have five female ducks (2 Ancona and 3 Pekin) and ten hens who all live together. The Pekins were raised by me from three days old and have always gotten along. They are about two years old. Recently two of the pekins have started fighting and it’s become really awful. They literally fight all day long! I separated one pekin and locked it in a dog crate and as soon as I take it out peace returns to the flock. When I let her out the fighting begins again to the point of missing feathers and raw spots. They clearly can no longer stay together but I’m wondering if anyone has an explanation for this? This is a recent problem, they always got along before. My flock has a fenced in area of about a 1/4 acre. I’m also wondering if I can take out the problem duck and put it in a new fenced area with maybe one other chicken? Or will it be lonely? Thanks so much for your help!

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You maybe able to spilt the sisters up with equal number of other ducks if they don't pick on them. My Muscovy's have a go at each other at times but thankfully it doesn't last long unless one is broody then I will sometimes have to give the broody time out away from everyone over night.

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