Flea Control on large breed dogs... Help

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    My neighbor who lives behind me has Ridgebacks that are 100, 125 and 145lbs. She is having problems with flea control for the big boys. What do you use on your 100lbs plus dogs?

    Any and all help would be great.

    I. Have small Australian Cattle Dogs so getting flea protection for my guys is easy. She uses the largest one but it will only work for about a week.


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    Jun 4, 2011
    if there are fleas in the yard, all the preventive in the world isn't going to help. It has to be a multi-prong approach of pets, yard, home and kill all the fleas at once. Be sure to retreat the house/yard at 7 weeks when the eggs will hatch.

    For flea control, I use bio-spot.

    ETA: in FL, I would bet that they are sand fleas. extra vicious little buggers! Tea tree oil shampoo will also help the dogs by easing the itching and inflammation.
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    What she needs to know is, how much to use on her extra large boys. We both spray our 5 acres at the same time. Also spray over on the one guys place that we know they are coming from. Feel bad for his dogs, they look like they have pepper moving on them. But what can you do......

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    Your neighbor can combine weight doses of topical flea prevention (like frontline or adv) to reach the dog's weight. For example, I think Frontline large dose is up to 122 lbs or so, so use that dose plus the smaller dog dose to get the right weight for the dog. Also, it can be applied every 2-3 weeks for a period of 6 weeks. I think Comfortis/Triflexis works AMAZING but its only available through vet. Frequent bathing/swimming will also strip the topical prevention off, so keep that in mind when trying to battle the fleas. Good Luck!! I HATE fleas!!
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    I feed garlic to my dog...seems to do the trick.
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    Aug 8, 2011
    K-9 Advantix is awesome! It also repels mosquitos. If more fleas jump on the dog, they soon die! It really work well!!
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    Comfortis really works. It won't rub off or rinse off.

    I used to have good results from Advantage and Frontline Plus. However, it seems like a lot of people in my area find that these products are losing their efficacy due to the fleas building up immunity to it.

    In the Ridgie's owner's situation she may not be using quite enough product. With larger dogs, I put one tube in a line from the neck down through the shoulders and a portion of another tube above the tail. My dogs weigh 120 and 145 at lean working weight and they aren't protected on one tube alone.

    Also, the dogs shouldn't wade, swim or be bathed within 4 days of applying it, before or after.

    I recently used something called Certifect. It does work but OMG did the dogs stink for several hours... like burning plastic. [​IMG]
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    Jan 8, 2011
    I would combine two different weights of something like Advantix ll, and treat the yard with something like Diam....Earth(LOL! Sorry, I can't spell the first word)! But anyway, treating the grounds outside AND the dogs is best.
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    Me being me I bathe my dogs with Dawn Dish-washing liquid and there isn't a flea, tick, or otherwise in sight... sure, bathing 4 dogs every other week is a bit of work, but dawn is a lot cheaper and better for them than all those chemicals... my bassets weigh anywhere from 140 - 60. The bottle of natural dawn is $2.19, not on sale, no coupon... lasts about 2 months in the summer and keeps them smelling great too!
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    Thank-you All for the wonderful tips and advice... I will talk to her tomorrow and send her this link.

    What I hate is they took the original Durasban(spelling?) off the market. That was the best thing I ever used for fleas, ticks,mosquitoes,ants you name it.

    Thanks again, and if anything new comes on the market, please let us know.


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