Flock Jamie Matts's Columbian Bantam Cochins pu SEPA

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    Very nice group of 5 Bantam Cochins in Columbian directly from Master Breeder Jamie Matts. PU SEPA 19475, which is one hour from Philly, hour and half from Harrisburg and just outside Morgantown, PA Birds are @8m healthy and from a disease free flock.
    Birds are current on Mareks and ITB as they were going to be shown. Group consists of 2 pullets and 3 Cockerels. As this is a patterned variety it is good to keep a selection to breed it perfectly, and the different birds have diff amounts of color. Great opportunity for someone, you know he sells the same birds for $25.00 a bird. This was DD project, and she has lost interest and has too many projects/breeds. See also auction for Buffs for creating Buff Columbian. Barred and Black Frizzle avail as well.


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