food and water at night


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
central MN
my Muscovy ducklings are almost 3 weeks and are ready to come out of the brooder pretty soon. I see what a mess they make all night with the water and so much poop and wondered if they would be fine without food and water from 10pm-6am??? Or should I at least keep water in?
No they are fine..I left my cayugas and khaki campbells without food and water when they were that old and they are fine. They just really like to eat in the morning then!
Right now mine are in their coop and have food and water 24/7 or until they run out LOL ... the water I used a big tupperware type container and cut the middle of the lid out, they have like a drip guard on it and they rarely spill water now.
Don't matter how many precautions you take, the ducklings will eventually start spilling their water everywhere!
idkkk... mine don't spill it at all now, they tried to swim in it the first time but now they're so big it doesn't out LOL so they kind of gave up. They much prefer to drink from their wading pool.

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