For sale: Two lavender Ameraucana Bantam ROOSTERS

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Hello I have 2 lavender Ameraucana Bantam ROOSTERS for sale.
    They are 14 weeks old.

    One "Charlie" is a crower- but mostly when he hears us playing piano! He crows low it is not shrill. A decent pea comb. Here is a photo of Charlie on my piano [​IMG]

    The other "Jet" is super quiet and has a really gorgeous pea comb.
    I can't find a good shot of Jet, But he looks similar to Charlie only he has a smaller, more pea-ful comb. I will try to get a better Photo of Jet soon and post it here.

    These roos can go together or seperate. They still get along with each other and enjoy human company. They are very friendly and enjoy being held. They are great little guys. I dont want to get rid of them- but I need to I just have too many roos in my Lavender pen.

    for more info visit the store page on my website.

    If you are interested, please pm me, contact me through my website, or email.

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