Freedom ranger vs the chick hatchery! Easter egger help


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Apr 22, 2019
Im looking into easter egger/any afordable blue egg layer. Im looking between freemdom ranger EEs and the chick hatchery. Chick hatchery has crazy good deals on ees right now but i havent heard too much about them. Mostly mixed bag. It sounds like they breed but do they drop ship?? I found some of freedom ranger chickens listed on the chick hatcherys page ao im unsure . Im in Oklahoma.
Freedom ranger hatchery is the hatchery. The easter eggers they sell are non traditional production color layers that dont breed true.
I've ordered their 'freedom ranger' meat birds and been very happy with them.
On the website they say their EE breeding stock came from Europe, so they should be interesting, instead of the hybrids originating in the USA. I have EES and enjoy them very much, from other hatcheries.
If you get some, post pictures, please, and follow up next year!

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