Friend at church lies to get out of giving me a ride and ignores me when I say bye

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    Dec 1, 2015
    I am so upset, people at my church seem to dislike me. they seem to not want to give me rides home and lie to get out of it and they ignore me when I say bye to them when they are leaving. Last night I asked this girl for a ride home and she said no she was taking this girl that lives near me and this other guy home and didn't have room in her car. Then she and the girl she was taking left and without the guy and when I said bye to them they completely ignored me even though I said it plenty loud and over and over so I know they heard me. And she left without the guy she said she was taking which means she lied to me. And also she said even if there was room she doesn't have enough gas to take three people home. But the girl she was taking lives really close to me, whats the difference? It wouldn't be any more gas than just taking her home. why lie to me about giving is guy a ride home. Why is she lying and making excuses for not giving me a ride
    Then after they left, I asked this other girl wasnt that guy leaving with them and she said yes, but you need to just worry about yourself and it doesn't matter in this really rude tone.
    Also, do you think Mayim Bialik would like me or give me rides home if she knew me?

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