Frustrating story of my would-be movie star chickens


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I hatched and raised a bunch of new chicks this summer specifically for a movie being shot only minutes from my house this summer! There were egg candling scenes and various chickens of various ages needed. I had everything- incubated fertile eggs and of course chicks and adults. Even a whole bunch of meat chickens I postponed butchering because of this job.
I had the Union contract for that film too.
[MI has the highest film industry incentive in the US and so I started an animal acting company here since I've been an animal behaviorist and dog trainer for nearly 20 years and been involved in the SE MI production community for longer than that!]
My Union guy told me the company knew 'to call me' for the chickens required for the movie. But they hired a carpetbagging 'pass through' company instead (from CA), whose representative lives almost 3 hours away. I found out weeks later, way after I did not ever get the call I was supposed to get!

Thanks! Just venting my frustration on something that is breaking the knees of our incentive efforts. I go to all the meetings, rallies, seminars, festivals, studio openings and networking events because I am part of this and want to help it work, not be stolen by the ones who did nothing to help bake this bread.

But I did rehome a few of the chickens from this anyway.
That sucks!
I love your avatar from SNL!
Thanks! Had to pause the video juuuuust right for that frame.

I'm not the only one around here who actually got mmmmm---fried chicken hungry watching that spot!!

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