funny joke to play on all "free egg seekers"

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  1. Ok. So all of us have those friends and neighbors that want our eggs for FREE. And most of us are good natured enough to give them the freebies. But this is something you can do to have a little fun.

    Draw on the eggs....small "gross" little insects like cockroaches, silverfish, or even some spider of some kind. Make it look as realistic as possible but keep it small. Then turn the egg so that the little drawn bugs are not visibly seen in the egg carton until the eggs are removed and handled. Someone at some point has to have a little panic attack followed by their own laughter knowing that is what they get with 'FREE EGGS". Well if they are friends they will hopefully see the humor in it. And if they are just freeloaders then thats even funnier.

    Everybody has a different sense of humor. So this is just mine. He He:lol:

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    Ha, put a developing egg in with the fresh ones, that'll weed out the moochers!
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    Why not use real bugs? We have a few scorpions that would teach freeloaders a lesson.

    Really, the anwser is, 'Sorry but people pay for these eggs and I would lose trade if they found out that I was giving them away to you. However, you can have them at cost price, which is twice what I usually ask'.
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    Quote:Now isn't that just the truth!
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    I just tell people who want free eggs that I'm sold out.5
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] good one [​IMG]

    but i dont sell eggs [​IMG] so i usually give any overflow of eggs to family or neighbors [​IMG] i mainly give them to my grandma though saves her spending money on store bought

    Edit: the space bar is my friend.. [​IMG]
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  8. I tried this again a couple of months ago. My friends kid told me that his mom dropped and broke the egg once she saw the bug drawn on it. Neither of the adults have said anything but the kid has spilled the beans giving me a little twisted fun. [​IMG]

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