Goldmine of eggs!

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    Jul 18, 2011
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    We discovered a goldmine of eggs last night! [​IMG] I’ve been getting one egg a day for the last two weeks, two a couple of times, with one being a green egg. I’ve been wondering why my other girls have not started to lay. I have a very small hay bale up on top of the laying boxes (they are stacked 3 up with a shelf above the top box). I found two of the green eggs up next to the hay bale. The top of the bale is too high to see unless you are on a ladder. Well my husband came in last night and said there were a bunch of eggs on top of the hay bale! I went out to collect them and sure enough there were 5 other green eggs and 15 brown eggs! According to the float test they are all good. Wow, guess more of my girls are laying! I rearranged the nest boxes and took the bale down. I did leave hay bedding up on the top and made it into a nicely padded “community” laying box. I had two of the regular boxes with one egg each yesterday. I’ve been adding some light and not letting them out until after 10am as I thought maybe they were laying somewhere else. Guess they were, just not in the boxes! [​IMG]
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    Glad to hear you found their stash & they are all good!

    They can be little stinkers, can't they.

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