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6 Years
Mar 5, 2017
hi everyone, its my dogs birthday and im planning a birthday party for them lol, I was gonna make them a cake and get them a present. I was gonna find some games for them to play outside since it is gonna be nice out. but I cant really find any good games, so I was wondering if yall new any good dog games. thanks.
They can do dog agility play. Make homemade ramp. Can put a muffin tray out with balls on top of some like tennis balls and some open. Hide treats in muffin tin. Can put out baby pool filled with pitfalls and hide treats in pool. Scavenger hunts are fun. Can make different stations. Can stack bath towels folded with treats in some layers to find. If have hay or straw bales can make maze and tunnels and hide a plastic container of treats with hole cut in it. Let sniff and show then let loose in straw bale maze. Can have a hoop standing for jumping through or fence to jump over. Weaving poles are fun. Can use orange cones for weaving poles instead, tires whatever you got really. There are toy puzzles online at Chewies to sneak treats in or just play. Think interactive. Can buy small tunnel or make one to run through. Can cut three strips of old cloth different colors and braid tie each end and cut ends leaving some fringe to make homemade bones. If offering goody bags to friend give one roll of poop bags with homemade treats. Leave cloth scraps to make own toy one per customer for friends. Cut cloth and put in boxes sorted and let them pick their combinations. God there is a lot. If in hot place can fire up a sprinkler or pet pool from a cheap baby pool. Got my baby pool for a dollar at Walmart end of season. You can get pitballs at Walmart cheap like 50 or 100 for $10.
You can get library books on games for dogs. There’s two games that my dog loves to play—

Put out three cups (maybe poke holes in the bottom) and put treats under them. Then switch them around and let the dog try to find them.

Someone holds the dog and you run and hide and let him find you. It’s really funny to hide in one spot say, three times, and then hide somewhere else but so that you can see your previous spot and watch the dog try to figure it out. It’s pretty funny! Once I hid behind a tree and then behind a different tree and my dog was doing circles around the first tree trying to find me. My laughter gave me away!

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