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Jun 10, 2022
Hello, we think one of our guineas broke its foot without us noticing at first. She is having trouble walking. One of the types is completely under the other two and the foot is kind of turned so she is walking on just that toe. She doesn't put pressure on it and I see the leg trembling when she holds it up. We have her separated, she's eating and drinking. My question is. Should we remove the toe and how? Or should we just keep her isolated a bit longer then let her out in controlled environment to see how she gets along with doing nothing and the other guineas/ chickens.


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Is the hock joint twisted?
For breaks you can splint, I will attach a splinting manual below, shows songbirds, but the anatomy is the same. If the hock is twisted then there is more going on. You will likely need a shoe type splint for the toe, and if the ankle is affected, then a brace there. You can make one or purchase one. Make sure to pad whatever you use, and don't wrap too tight, you don't want to cut off circulation. Check often for swelling. You can soak the foot in warm epsom salts, that will help with pain and swelling. I don't see anything that suggests it needs to be amputated. If you are going to splint, it needs to be soon after the break, or the bone will start to heal the way it is, and it won't be reposition-able.
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