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Aug 2, 2019
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This is my Daddy Brown. He is almost 7 years old now. At times he looks more white but he is a brown. His father was a Buff Dundotte.
Looking at yours, I'm thinking the daddy of mine is a brown as well, & like me, the owner didn't know the difference. Funny thing is, I wanted brown and settled for eggs from a "buff". Lol! Atleast now I know how to describe her. @R2elk ,the momma was going to either be pied lav or pied gray. Given that Mouse is gray, that mystery was solved pretty quick. 😁 Thank both of you for unconfusing me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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May 21, 2018
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Yes he is a slate. Dont know for sure who his parents were since I had a lot of colors at the time. He just showed up in some keets that I hatched. :hmm
Nice! I really love the slate color! I have a female but she had no slate babies with the pied Pearl grey cock that she paired with this past year... I’m thinking about setting up her and a pastel hen with a new pastel cock next spring...


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