Happy true stories of animals saving humans

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    I randomly ran across an article about some lions saving a 12 year old from kidnappers, and went on a search for more stories. Here are some good heart felt stories about animal rescuing people. One is my own.

    I have an old mare who was one of the first animals I rehabbed. She was raised by loving owners but when she was in some stables to be sold, she was terribly abused. Her legs were scarred when some pit bulls got loose and chewed her up on top of all that. I was a troubled kid and when I formed a bond with her, my mother couldn't keep us apart. She became my horse, two skittish suspicious creatures that began to trust each other.

    I have had her for 15 years. She has never bucked kicked or bit me. She has bucked other people off though. She will take a bit for me but refuses anyone else. When we were nearly hit by a car riding in the grass near the road, she didn't bolt. instead she lowered he Read, pawed and snorted at the car as it ran off the road and barely past us. I had frozen in fear

    One evening I heard chaos outside. It was a cold February night and I raced out in light weight slip ons and a nightgown. I was in such a hurry i didn't bring a robe. The fence was down, something had plowed through it. i heard one of my horses neighing and i heard other odd sounds from a horse closer to me. I ran in without thinking expecting to rescue my horses, when I was met with my neighbor's stallion.

    This stallion has a nasty temper and was running my mares. when it spotted me it ran strait at me. I didn't even have time to move, it was so fast. my old mare seemed to appear out of no where and got between us, ears flat. She drove him back, biting and rearing and all I could say was chest bumping. the stallion tried to go around her and she would keep placing herself between us. The three of us went in a circle for some time before my family came out to see what the noise was all about. I will never forget that. I trust that horse with my life and I know she trusts me.

    So on to the other stories. i will provide links and a brief description for each to keep this post short.

    Three lions save a 12 year old from kidnappers

    Stray dog saves abandoned baby.

    Cat attacks thieves trying to steal from disabled owner

    Whale saves drowning diver

    Dog saves blind man during 9/11

    Pig gets help for owner having a heart attack.

    Rabbit alerts wife to it's owner's diabetic coma
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    Think my favorite is the pig, only because he probably nearly killed a few dozen people before finally saving it's owner
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    That is a cute article! What an adorable animal. It is like a cat sharing it's kill with it's pet humans. I do think we share a bond. I no longer ride the old girl though because of her arthritis. I can not ride another horse around her though. I made that mistake once and never did it again. She is a jealous jealous horse. Poor thing is getting grey all over her now.

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