Have you witnessed a paranormal occurence??

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    Just wanted to add that in 1991 I had an ovarian cyst rupture that was wrapped around my common iliac artery. I hemoragged for 15 hours at Sutter Memorial before I went into surgery. I was very close to dying. I saw my mother at my side who had died several years before and Jesus was at the foot of my bed, just this beacon of peace and total serenity. They operated for four hours and I finally made it. I lost 2500 cc's of blood which is a lot for a 115 lbs. It defies the odds. I know that Jesus was healing me as He stood there.
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    Another thing that I thought of....
    My high school sweetheart was killed when we were 20. His parents had an open casket, but I couldn't bear to go up there, so I gave his mom an envelope with a picture and a letter in it. She put it in his casket for me.
    His mom (Donna, who I also call "Mom") saw a medium sometime that same year. The medium told her that he wanted thank his girlfriend for the picture and letter and that he carried them with him. She said he also wanted me to know that a knight was with him and that this knight follows him all the time. He was very ademant about me knowing this, the medium said.
    His mom had no idea what the knight was about but figured the envelope had the picture and letter in it. She called me and asked what this knight was, and I didn't have a clue. It took me some time, but I finally figured it out...
    My black lab named Night died about a year before Tim did. He had been my dog for a lot of my childhood and he was still around when I first met Tim. I guess he wanted me to know that Night, not a knight, was with him!
    His mom also told me that their cat would spaz out and run down the hall and around the house, just like she did when Tim would chase her.
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    Mar 18, 2007
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    We have a 40x60 ft. barn. When I would go in it I would get a creapy feeling. Then I noticed a black thing darting around. I thought it was the cat. Then it started shooting in between my legs as if to trip me. I started to pay more attention to it and relized it was about 3 feet tall. So much for the cat. We were out to dinner with some friends and I was telling one of them about it. My Husband heard and his reaction was..."You saw it to?" A few weeks later a friend was over and I noticed he kept looking around like he was at a tennis match. The next day I asked him about it and he said that he was watching the shadow. I said it had been bothering us for months now. He said that we didn't have to worry about it anymore because it had gone home with him.
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    wow banty mum i love the old photos of the thilacene , ( tasmania tiger ) and think they were beuitiful to bad they are soposivly extinkt i dont think so though . lol
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    Ohhhh this was a great post. I can't remember right off hand of anything (end of day and I am tired, could not have been real bad or I would remember quickly) but I do know that I believe in most of it. Having lived in New England all my life there is just so much of it because so much is old and lots and lots of history. Old haunted houses, barns, cemetaries, witch hunts. I have read many local books of hauntings and unnatural happenings etc. I know of a person in my town that published a few books of local hauntings and he would only print what was backed up by fact. I love to walk through all the really old graveyards and read all the headstones, anmes and sayings. Sometimes they will even say how they died. Anywayyyyyyyy,Happy Halloween!!!!!!
  6. Yes Lacy, the thing that I saw as exactly that size and the location was private land owned by the zoo and this parcel of land was very huge so It was uninhabited.
    I will have to contact Christa and ask her what happened.
    This happened whilst I was still at school, so I have lost contact with her as you do with school friends.
    The one good thing is that when we told her father about it he took it very seriously and was going to go back and search for clues.
    Who knows, with his zookeeper experience he may have left it alone and just watched it in private hoping that no one else would find out about it.
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    I have paranormal 'happenings' all the time...at least whenever I'm partyin' with my friends I do:

    'Something' seems to wait for an hour or two after I've begun drinking, then *BAM*.......my beer is missing! I grab another can and sure enough *BAM*.....10 minutes later it's gone! [​IMG]
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    May 8, 2007
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    I was traveling for work and went to F.E Warren military base in Wyoming. I actually flew into Colorado so I could pick up my brother and then he drove with me to Wyoming. This way we could spend two days hanging out. We got to the military base after dark and when I checked in to the base hotel I was given a suite with two bedrooms, a living area and kitchen. We sat and talked and were bothered by kids running and playing upstairs. These kids banged on the floor and made all kinds of noise all night. At one point, I came out of my room and my brother was awake and banging on the ceiling trying to get the kids to shut up. It was almost 4 am by the time the kids stopped making noise.

    The next morning we got up, had breakfast and talked about the horrible night we had with those kids upstairs. We went out and got in the rental car and both of us were in awe. There was only one floor! No second story.

    To this day we have no clue as to what happened that night.
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    Plenty of wierd stuff growing up...especially when you grew up in a house made of driftwood from shipwrecks...and people have died in it...
    Personally, my Aunt and I were cleaning out my mother's stuff the day after she died. We were in her room, and we heard from the back yard, Hellooo?! like she used to say when she was drunk...needless to say we beat feet outa there.
    I was in my room in the attic and I heard a Bansidhe...I'm only partly Irish, and it was screaming for a friend who's father was Jewish.[​IMG]

    Then when Mike, my DS was a baby, one mother's day he woke up yelling that a lady came through his wall. This was at the only house he's known.

    Here's my chicken ghost story.
    Slifer the Sky Dragon died on August 8, 2006 of Bumblefoot. I cried and was basically toast for the longest time. Then I had a dream. She came to me and said that she knew that I loved her and that it was time for me to move on. She wasn't in pain anymore and she could crow to her heart's content. Just before I woke up, we were downstairs and she was standing in front of the fishtanks and I patted her and I felt her broken off tail feathers just like they were when she crossed over.
    Another chicken ghost story>
    Tom, my Easter Egger pullet was killed by a raccoon on August 8, 2003. Then I got Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer and I had rehomed Jerry. They were out in the coop and I heard singing...like Tom used to...now I know that she was dead and she sounded like she was right outside my window singing...so I got up and went downstairs and darned if there wasn't a raccoon trying to get in at my birds. I chased it off and thanked Tom for saving the birdies that she had never even met.

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