Have you witnessed a paranormal occurence??

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    had a uncle that I was very close too. He raised my father after my father's mother died. My uncle got very sick. I moved in with him to take care of him (for almost a year). Well he died in Oct of "88". I then moved on with my life always thinking of our good times. I met my husband in July of "89", married him in Sept of "90", and had our daughter in March of "92". One night shortly after giving birth to my first born I had what I thought was a dream. My Uncle came to be and told me that he was so glad that I found happiness and that I had a wonderful daughter. We also talked about other things. He also thanked me for what I did for him towards the end. Well the next morning my husband kept asking me who I was talking to in our room that night. I told him that I had a weird dream and must have been talking in my sleep. I was given a very funny look and we never talked about it again. Well about six months later I was asking my mother for some pictures of this uncle to be able to tell my daughter about him and his impact on my life. Well when we got the photos out my husband whole attitude change. He told my that the photo was the person I was talking to that night in our room. I told my husband that it couldn't be because, he died before we had met. Well I have had no more visit from my uncle. I wouldn't mind them. I have had other weird things happen without being able to explain.
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    Jul 7, 2007
    Wolfpacker I know what you mean, I was abducted by aliens and returned to earth in some fat, old woman's body.

    Must have been the same crowd that grabbed me one night!​
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    Bantymum, is this the animal you saw??


    We just saw them last week when we were on safari in Africa (Ok, OK, we were at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL, and were on the Safari which, I swear, looks and feels like a real safari with animals on acres and acres of grasslands all roaming)

    I bet this is what you saw!!
  4. Hi again, i love reading all these posts.
    Paranormal to me means anything abnormal!! I dont find it spooky but yesthe word does sound spooky.
    No arwmommy, thats not the animal i saw, i believe I saw the tasmanian tiger. thats just my opinion and Im glad my friend saw it too!
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    My dearest duck that I was very attached to died at the end of last winter -- a raccoon got her. I incubated the eggs she had layed just before we lost her. Once it was warm enough to keep her ducklings outside at night, we built them a separate little addition to our duck pen, so they would be safely away from the other adult ducks. But some nights were still too cold, so I would bring the ducklings inside. I believe it was after a night when the ducklings were inside, that I opened their side of the pen to find a PERFECT NEST in the straw.
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    When my boys were young my father in law passed away. My mother in law called us in the middle of the night to let us know the sad news. The next morning before we had even told the boys what happened, they each came to me and told me that Grandpa had been in their room stroking each of them on the head and patting their backs, but hadn't said anything to them. We told them that Grandpa had died that night and they said they already knew that, we figured he was saying goodbye.
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    Tricia- Your post made the hairs on my arms stand up!
    I did the Ouija (pronounced weegee) ONE TIME. And only once. My friend and I did it with her sister, we were very young and alone in the house with candles lit in the room. We asked the spirit to give us a sign and ALL the candles blew out at once. Forget that noise. I NEVER touched one of those again.
    My Grandpa (mom's dad) died the day I was born. When I was about 12, I woke up in the middle of the night because I thought somone turned my light on. Instead, I saw a huge ball of light, it was almost shaped like a person but it was very tall and very bright. It didn't scare me, though. It was very calming and I just laid in bed looking at it. A short amount of time passed before it sort of floated through my wall into my brother's room. Fast forward many years later- My mom and I were talking and she told me a similar story. She had woken up and saw what she thought was a huge angel in the bedroom. I told her that I'd seen the same thing and it had gone in Eric's room, and she's convinced her dad is watching over us.
  8. Oh the little duck nest story is so beautiful too!!!
    Ive saw a tv special that said if someone dies in unexpected circumstances and tragically, their spirit doesnt rise up and is stuck down there with us. That is why psychics can put them at rest and send them up, I believe that yes our angels are our dearly departed that are protecting us.

    On another note When I was breastfeeding my baby, who is now 9, he used to stop suddenly and look up at the blank wall behind me and smile really widely, his eyes were focused on something. It used to freak me out but then I guessed as Mikey was enjoying it, it wasnt a bad spirit!!! so I used to say, "who's that Mikey, is that granpa??
    I think it was!!!
  9. I've had many paranormal experiences. A few that stand out are:
    While visiting Dh's step-grandfather at the family home in CT, I felt uneasy so went to check on our 10 month old son. When I walked into the room, the air over his crib was full of colorful orbs - dancing around. At first it scared me but then I realized that this house had been home to his ancestors since the 1700's - they had all just come to see the new edition.

    The first house we bought was haunted. The ghost lived in the back bedroom but would sometimes watch me work in the kitchen. Visiting friends would comment that they felt like someone was watching them from the hallway door. Another friend refused to lay down her baby in the back room. One night I was mad at Dh and huffed my way to the back bedroom. I laid down but in no time I felt like something had sat down on my chest. Needless to say, dramatics were set aside and I went back to my own bed. Dh worked swing shift so I would stay up late and do dishes just before he came home. While standing at the sink the entire kitchen filled with the scent of "Evening in Paris", a perfume that I bought my grandmother each Christmas. Scared, I yelled out "I love you Grandma but go away and leave me alone!" From that moment on, the feelings were gone. No, it wasn't Grandma - but I felt it was a male ghost who thought that if I thought he was my grandmother, I'd feel better.

    A while later, I was telling my neighbor about the evening. He asked me "When did this happen?" I told him and he replied "That's about the same time things started happening at my house - he must have moved over here!"

    Our oldest still talks about how he hated his bedroom out there - "Too many lights flying around at night, Mom!"

    Lastly, one day while working out in the yard I had the feeling there was a little boy running around. I even felt tugged at and I was encouraged to walk over to the brick wall of the kitchen. "That's me! That's me!" I could hear in my mind. I looked closer at the wall and could see where a child had carved their initials into the brick. MCA. Later that day, someone from church dropped by and mentioned that "Brother Abrams was killed this morning down on the highway. He had a heart attack and crashed his car." Our house is known as the Abrams house - this family raised their 10 children here during the depression. "Which Abrams died?" I asked. "Milt." So, I thought, the tiny boy running around in the yard was Milt, coming for a last visit - or looking for his parents. Sure enough, I later confirmed that MCA was Milt Abrams.

    Which brings about a funny ending - at least to me. I was telling this last tale to a friend and they replied that I should tell another neighbor about it. This neighbor and Milt Abrams had an ongoing discussion about the afterlife. At one time, they had agreed to contact each other. As a joke, the neighbor had wired Milt's office at the university with a sound system and one evening when he was working late, "Milt, Milt - it's Max - there is an afterlife." - scaring Milt to pieces. So, one day while walking through church I saw Max coming towards me. I looked at him and said "Max, Milt wants me to let you know that there is an afterlife." You should have seen the color drain out from his wife's face! [​IMG]

    I have a friend who is a medium so it's always fun to sit and visit with her - old friends tend to drop in as well.
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  10. Yes its nice to think that we will be going somewhere!!!
    Im not scared of spirits, though I havent come across a really bad one yet, touch wood, though the bathtub incident wasnt very nice. I think it was My partners mum as Ed and I were having a nasty argument at the time!!!
    she was telling me to back off and behave myself!! bless her dear heart!

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