Heated roost using hydronic heat?

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    A bit of background. My coop is 10x16 with stick built construction. It is not insulated and I'm using aluminum storm windows with self storing screens. I have two vents at the peak and the soffit is a vented variety. I'm doing a 6" deep litter method starting in October. I have brown pullets, white Cornish rocks and black austrolop breeds totaling 17 birds.The coop has an auto humidistat in it that runs a small 4" vent fan that blows out a vent pipe to the outside if the humidity level gets above 65%.

    The return line from my house and garage for my outdoor wood boiler is on the other side of the wall. I was going to run a small 5-6' section of the 1" pex pipe under one set of the three roosts I have in the coop. As long as there are 2 other unheated roosts am I causing more harm than good?

    I'm not worried about the extra cost in firewood as I have enough for 3-4 years. I'm also not worried if the power goes out as I have a generator that runs the whole house and garage.
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    I don't know about doing more harm than good, but I also don't think it would be necessary. Sure, the roost may be cold when they get on it but by the time they sit on it for a few minutes, it will warm up under them enough to be comfortable.
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    Quote: I agree with the above.
    You'd just be wasting time and money.

    Chickens can stand a LOT of cold as long as they are sheltered and dry
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    Chickens have fabulous down comforters that they wear all the time. Sheltered and dry, they can keep themselves warm.

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    Ok I will hold off on running the line. I have the materials to do it. I will just watch them. Although today was 45 degrees with 30-40 mph winds. They did not come out of the coop but for 1 hour after the rain, and three hens looked like they were shivering.Their feet were wet and cold but their bodies were dry. The coop is not drafty but it is not insulated.

    We've had frost and hard freeze since Sunday night here.

    Do chickens shiver?

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