Heaven help me! DH has a......


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
man cold.
A MAN COLD?! I've heard of a man cave, but never a MAN COLD!!!! Is that when they act like the world will surely end, and they're BIG BABIES???

Oh! poor Keith,
The only cure for a Keith's man cold is for Gritty to follow his directions to the letter.

Imp- Only a man truly knows the man cold

The world stops spinning. My mild mannered sweetheart turns into ...something from a sci fi move.
really. Men could never survive what women have to go through. Last cold I locked him in the bedroom and told him he can't leave or interact with the healthy members of the family until I said so. so yea, he had his man cold in a man cave...all by his grumpiness.

And, this is a man who can rip, tear, burn, scrape, and break things off of his body while working and doesn't even notice that pieces are missing. But a 'COLD'...

you have my sympathies.
Now I'm feeling lucky. When my DH is sick? He just gets quiet. Doesn't complain unless something REALLY gets to him. He waits until TOO late sometimes!

Last time he complained? A year ago, when he told me to call an ambulance, after 2 days of not feeling well, very quietly. Turns out his gall bladder was not only toast, but had gone toxic.

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