5 Years
Apr 15, 2018
Central PA
Hi all!
So I'm not really new to BYC. I just realized today I completely neglected to post an introduction! I originally joined earlier this year when my goose, Sniper, was ill and I needed help trying to figure out what was wrong with her (she's doing great now though thanks to help I received on here!).

I currently have 8 hens (5 speckled sussex, 3 black sexlink), as well as 2 Toulouse geese (a male and a female). I got my chickens around 4 years ago now, and raised them from babies. As for the geese, I bought them in May of 2017 when they were 6 days old. They're my pride and joy and I love them to death! :D I no longer free range them, after I lost a few hens to predators. So everyone is in a large outdoor enclosure a little larger than an acre. It has a stream running through it and has plenty of hiding places for everyone. And perches for my girls too of course!
I'll also be adding 5 ducks to my flock this coming Sunday. A family members' friend wants rid of his ducks, so they asked us if we wanted them. I haven't had actual pet ducks in a good many years now, so I'm happy about it! I raised mallards for a good few years and at one point the population exploded to 67 Some flew away with the wild ducks, and some stayed. We still have some come back to visit! So it's nice having them stop by from time to time.

Honestly I'd love to have more additions to my flock too. I'll be like a crazy old cat lady, only with poultry! :lol:

I'm so glad I found BYC too. This place has helped me out so so much, and I'm very grateful for that. Plus everyone is so much fun and very nice! It's nice to see other people having poultry as pets. I always got picked on in school for that. And I never really understood that, because they make very nice pets! Nothing is wrong with having them as pets as far as I can see. I guess if they never try it, they'll never know! Their loss.
I think I originally found out about BYC a few years ago when I was googling something to do with chickens I believe. I don't recall what exactly, but a link to a forum post popped up. I wish I would have joined sooner though! But I'm here now at least! :)
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Nice intro, glad you're here!

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