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Jump right in and make yourself at home.

Build it so you can walk in it.;)

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Coop Ideas:
Chicken Coops.

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Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Good luck with your coop build!
I strongly recommend a walk-in style coop with lots of ventilation and hinged top windows. If your run is built with a solid roof and is as predator proof as the coop, you never have to close the pop door and the birds will come and go as they please.

Great job doing your planning and building first! Here's a tip almost everyone wishes they knew when they started: Build the coop bigger than you think you need. More chickens are sure to come later on!

Here's a few links that'll help get you prepared:
How Much Room Do Chickens Need

Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!

Predator Proofing

Start Raising Your Chicks Outdoors

Best wishes starting your new chicken adventure!
I guess my criteria are: egg production, appropriate for Chicago winters (and summers), good for beginners, etc.

In the last week or so I've landed on a list of what seems appropriate:
- Jersey Giant
- Plymouth Rock
- Rhode Island Red
- Easteregger
- Buff Orpington
- Wyandotte

I'd like to get a mix of breeds, but wondering if it is important or helpful to have multiple of the same. We will likely start with 4. In our community we are limited to 6, so might add 2 more at some point.

Question: we are also restricted from having any roosters. If I'd like to start with chicks, is there any way to ensure that we get all hens? Seems that might be difficult.

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