Help! Aruacana stunted growth? Or huge wings?


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Aug 11, 2020
Hi there, I was hoping someone could share their knowlage or opinions on my 3 & 1/2 week old (Australian) Aruacana. 20201201_174540.jpg

I am concerned because he has always held his wings low or relaxed instead of tight to his sides, and I noticed today that his a lot smaller then his siblings. It's almost like his body isn't growing as quick as his wings. Or maybe his legs didn't? 🤷‍♀️ He is a little quieter then the others both verbally (not as loud) and phisically (doesn't dash about as much as the others). Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this little guy. His adorable and has a sweet cherub face so I'll be devistated if it's not something he will grow out of or simply live with. Thank you in advance!


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Time will tell. Chicks go through MANY molts, so looking a little bit rag-tag in the feather isn't so bad since they're still young. Just like people though, some get genes to grow tall, others to grow wide, and some are just lil squirts for life.
Have her toes always curled as shown in the image or is this just her struggling to maintain her balance? If curling of the toes is 'normal' for her, then I'd recommend supplementing their water with vitamins, specifically B-vitamins. Some chicks are born with a vitamin deficiency or inability to efficiently utilize the nutrients in their food because the mother hen can only put into an egg the nutrients that she can spare.
Thank you! I haven't noticed the toe curling but I'll keep an eye out for it tomorrow (they are all cuddling now for a sleep). A vitimin boost may help. I have hand raised about 16 chicks in the past 6 months and never noticed a chick with such droopy wings. Hopefully he will grow into his body, he can be my Lil squirt for life 😉
I had a chick who was similar, her wings looked to big for her body is exactly how I described it. It is a common sign of failure to thrive. Is he eating and drinking okay? Is their brooder warm enough? To help my baby girl I fed her lots of egg because she would refuse to eat and put nutridrench in her water, after a few months she started to grow and evened herself out. Here is a picture at around two months old. However your's doesn't look like failure to thrive to me. It looks like he is just feathering out. Make sure he is eating and drinking enough. Wait a few weeks to see if he is just feathering out or if there is somehing deeper. Check back in with us, and keep us updated!
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