Help!! Chicken with sprained or broken neck!! Help!!!

Mar 13, 2018
Help!! My roo fought of a fox last night, and when he was fighting, he got a neck injury. I think it is sprained, broken, or has inflamed neck muscles. He is in the poultry hospital, private quarters in my room. Please only positive messages. He can wiggle his head and blink and move his legs, but his head just sags and he cannot walk. I force-water him with an eye dropper, but have not been brave enough to force-feed food. Please help. Will keep updated. Thanks!!


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What a brave roo! I hope everything goes well:hugs I don't know how to help. Maybe some more experienced members will chime in. Some pics could help.
I sent pics into my first post. Thanks for helping! Is anybody here a vet? (P.S, Do u like my profile pic?)He is sleeping now. Just forced watered more. He can slightly move his head around.
Sorry. I thought there might be an external injury but now I see in the original post that there isn't. (Profile pic is super cute. Love the pup)

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