Help!!! Hen Just Had A Heat Stroke!!!!! :(


11 Years
Dec 14, 2008
when i went out to feed my 13 wk old barred rock pullet was laying out in the hot sun w/ her legs out and eyes rolled in the back of her head and gasping for air and jerked when i touched her. it got 95 today in east tennessee. i took her and put her in the chicky hospital and put lots of cold water and feed and she seems to be coming out of it, but she can't stand up w/o falling down and jerking. is there anything i can do to help her???? i know it was a heat stroke because i asked my dad and he said it was one. and plus she's very pale in the face. i may upload pics later.
I spray my pens down on hot days. I see the steam the rolling off the coops on days like today. I even spray the inside of the run, they get muddy... but they stay cool. I also cover some of the run so they have shady spots. Just some ideas!

For now, get her some electrolytes for her water. Like 'save a chick' or just some unflavored pedialyte.
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Temps in my area regularly get into the 100's in the summer for days at a time and my chickens have never suffered any ill effects. BUT, they have shady places they can get out of the sun, plus I give them ice-cold water every day in the early afternoon. 95 shouldn't be too much for a chicken as long as she has a way to stay out of the sun. Does she have options on where she can go?

Don't forget that "95" is the temperature measured "in the shade", so it is far warmer in direct sun and other factors can make the actual temperature a lot higher than the published temp too. For example, an enclosed space with little ventilation will be much warmer. It sounds like you are doing the right things to recover her so I hope she continues to come good. However your next step will be to ensure she has places she can go to ensure this doesn't happen again - its only going to get warmer in the next few months. Good luck.
i will, i never thought of that! i have a whole package of it from when i ordered chicks this year
before today they didn't have any shade whatsoever, just their house, and its hot in there, we got her out of that pen and put a tarp up for shade and boy the rest of them are loving that shade.
i found something to this topic on another forum site. I googled. from the jist of it gaterade and yogurt. cool bath and something about asprin treatments. Im not so sure on how to put the link on or about posting a link to another page but you could google treating chickens for heatstroke. It was on Brown egg Blue egg
I always make sure my chicks have shade...and Also I have fruit popsicles that I make a freeze , ten when it gets really hot out i put one in a dish so they have something cold and good to eat. I also put ice in their water so it is cold and that helps prevent heat stroke .

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