Help, is Repecca a Roo or a crowing hen?



6 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
Repecca has always been my favorite AND my problem child. She is a 6 month old Lavender Orpington. Extremely friendly, unafraid of humans since day one, craves attention and snacks.
Also, she is pigeon toed, doesn't roost, preferring to sleep in the pine shavings, is prone to sour crop, and now wears a bra. She also rules the roost.
Her brother is a gorgeous specimen, twice Repeccas size and well groomed, that I returned to the breeder in exchange for pullets. Repecca doesn't have the same sleek feathering as my Buff Orpingtons, or the smooth fan tail, but she also doesn't have the tall bouncy tail of her brother. I wondered if Lavender pullets/hens just maybe looked different than Buff. Her neck feathers get pinched a bit by the bra straps so I'm not sure about the collar feathers.
I love this chook! But I can't have a rooster! Is Repecca a crowing hen? Has anyone ever had a House ROOSTER?

Try to get some good, clear, close up picture of her hackle and saddle feathers. It's pretty easy to tell from them. If they're long and pointy, she is a he. If they're rounded, she's a she. Oh - and tail feathers. They will grow out longer and pointier than a hen's tail.
Still photos of Repecca from the side will be helpful. That certainly sounds like the beginning of a crow but some hens in lieu of a rooster will act like one. Since there was a boy around and now he is gone she may feel the need to take over that role.
I'm sure others will chime in. An egg is the definitive answer.
This has been impossible! Does 20180329_160055.jpg 20180329_160141.jpg 20180329_160928.jpg 20180329_160135.jpg 20180329_174645.jpg 20180329_173529.jpg 20180329_175130.jpg 20180329_175117.jpg 20180329_175112.jpg 20180329_174642.jpg the bra interfere too much?

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