Help, Looking for information on Pennsylvania Laws

for ornamental pheasants you do not need a permit, theres some technicalitys regarding ringnecks, call the PGC for the exact answer. Cotournix do not require permits, bobwhite i'd check on. I do know for sure you cannot turn ringnecks/ bobwhite quail loose.
you dont have a source for some ornamental pheasants in Pa do you? Ive having a terrible time locating any, other than the Mount Hope, OHIO sale at the end of the month.
To the best of my knowledge the ornamental pheasants do not need any permits. The bobwhites do not need permits to keep but if you are planning on selling them then you need a permit. I am not sure of the coturnix. I would think that you do not need a permit to have or sell but am not sure. I have tried to call the game commision and can never get a good answer. I called and they didn't know what ornamental pheasants were and I called about wood ducks. They told me that I needed state and federal propagators permits just to own them, which I found out is not true.
P.S. I sent you another PM yesterday, not sure if you got it or not.

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