Help My Chicks are Dying


In the Brooder
Aug 8, 2017
I bought some Bantams from TSC last night. Right when I got home I noticed one of my silkie-looking Chicks was lethargic and would not drink or eat. I gave her sugar water and she drank a bit. But then she started to puke up this clear thick stuff and died. So I woke up this morning to find another one of my chicks this way and she’s progressively getting worse. She has a very hard crop, I soaked her bum but it didn’t look swollen or impacted once I did clear poop away. I have her some olive oil and some water with probiotic in it but she didn’t want to take either. Is there anything else I can do? And at what temp should I keep her at?
When chicks die like that, it's likely brooder related (too hot, too cold, wrong type of bulb, dehydrated, cedar chips, etc.) Double check your temps, etc.
Now, that said, it doesn't rule out something TSC or hatchery related... just check your own set up first.
Ita about 86 in the brooder
Are the cheeping loudly? Huddled under the lamp? You can tell if they're too hot or cold by their behavior. Huddled under the lamp, they're too cold. Spread out as far as they can get from the lamp, too hot. Moving around the brooder, peeping contentedly, they're just right. I want to say 86 is a bit cool, but watch your chicks. They can tell you far more than I can.
She’s taking the probiotic water now. Took her out of the heat, she is still weak. Going to keep an eye on her and look for a way to built a shelter.

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