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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. On two separate occasions in the past couple of days, I've noticed a teeny tiny bit of slimey orangish possibly reddish stringy (not worms or wormy) matter in some feces in the brooder with my nine 3 & 4 week old chicks. I wanted to treat with liquid Corid in their water, unless I'm advised otherwise. They have had food changes (ran out of Purina Medicated Starter/Grower, so they had Flock Raiser for 1day, then started Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter), Baby Cake added to Brooder, Started offering grit, changed them to a new larger brooder. All of this happened this past week, so looking back, I know this was stressful. Everyone is acting normal, but I worry about the worst thing first and figured it'd be better to be safe then sorry. They use a Quart waterer, so if you can give me dosage amounts for that, I'd be so grateful. I realize a Quart isn't a lot for 9 chicks, but they're all smaller breeds.
(2 Easter Eggers, 3 Silkies, 1 Uncertain Bantam, 1 Calico Princess, 1 Starlight Green Egger, and 1 Midnight Majesty Maran) Thank you so so much for your time and any advice you can provide. I'm so grateful to everyone that is always so incredibly helpful
They also started getting dried meal worms daily as well. I'm working on getting requested information
Stop giving them daily.
Treats like this will make them fat.
Fat chickens get sick.

A complete balanced diet or a commercially made food is best, with zero treats.
Going over everything I give them is a real eye opener! I am embarrassed that I haven't realized it until now, so please know that this will change as if right this second. My poor birds! Okay so here goes some more things I have given within the past week. I add Sav-A-chick electrolytes and the probiotics (which one of these is an orangish color) to their water every few days. I also added dried oregano, poppy seeds, and Farmers' Helper Ultra Kibble for Chicks, (about a tbs every 2 to 3 days) to their food.

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Corid is fairly harmless to use, just in case of coccidiosis. Pictures of poops are always welcome. Keeping the waterer up to shoulder height with boards or later bricks as they grow helps to keep droppings and bedding out. I would suggest a gallon waterer, just because it is heavier, and would not get knocked over as easily with active chicks. I use the ones below, and they are much cheaper at Rural King:

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