HELP Please!!! UPDATE: My baby roo just died.

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    My little roo that I got from Meyers had a rough start when he got here on Wednesday. He was lethargic, and not doing very well. I gave him some sugar water and he snapped right out of it. But this morning when I checked on them, he was just laying there, the other chicks would run over the top of him and he would stand up and then his head would start drooping and he would lay back down. I have taken him out of the brooder and have him wrapped up with me right now, but I am not sure what to do. Do I give him more sugar water? I do have liquid vitamins for infants that is for my son, can I give him that? It has Vitamin A, D, C and flouride. Thanks!!!

    Update: I went to the feed store and got some vitamins for him, but he was just to far gone I guess. He just died while I was holding him. [​IMG]

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    I would give some more sugar water, see if it helps.
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    I would give them some vitamins in the water that is for chickens.

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