HELP! Quails may have been developing while stored


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May 25, 2020
Hello, this is my first time hatching eggs (specifically quails.) I bought the quail eggs online (were not shipped), when I got the eggs they were oddly warm. (All I know is that they were being stored pointed end down for 4 days.) I only started to question whether the eggs had started developing early when I decided to candle. From a chart that I have been following, it looks as though it is on day 13 or 14 for most of the eggs, but I have only been incubating for 9 days (Most of the eggs are extremely dark. Should I put the eggs in lockdown early? Any advice?
I would hand turn towards the possible lockdown date, just a couple times a day. That way they won't get jostled around too much of they are early and should hatch fine.
I usually incubate Quail eggs at 30%, so if you are incubating at 45% I would only bump it up to 50%.

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