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    We get these questions a lot so I thought I'd post some tips:

    Where's My Email Validation?
    If it has been more than fifteen minutes, check your Spam folder in your email client to ensure that it was accidentally quarantined. If you're experiencing additional issues, please contact us (see instructions below).

    Trouble Logging In:
    We're sorry you're having problems logging in. Here are a few things to try:
    1. Leave BYC, and then delete your internet cache / browser temp files and try to login again. Instructions on clearing your cache
    2. Request a new password from the forum's forgot password tool
    3. Leave BYC, delete all your internet cookies (see below), Close your browser, reopen your browser, try to login again
    4. Request a new password from a member of our support team by contacting us (see instructions below).
    To Delete Your Internet Cookies:
    1) Locate the internet cookies for BYC in your cookies folder on your computer and delete them.
    2) If you have no idea what that meant, delete all your cookies:
    3) If that doesn't work, try to access the site from another PC, preferably one with a different browser and on a different internet service provider (i.e., network). This will help determine if the problem is on "your side" or "our side"

    If you've done all these things and still can't access the forum you may have a problem with one of the following:
    1. An internet security program blocking access to the forum
    2. A problem with your PC or Internet Browser software that is prohibiting you from accessing the forum
    3. A problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    Password Reset:
    If you need to change your BYC password you'll need to do the following:

    1) If you are logged in and just want a different password, go here:
    2) Enter your old and new passwords in the boxes provided.
    3) Save changes

    If you need to reset your password because you forgot it, you'll need to logout and then use the forum's Forgot your password tool to have a new password sent to you. NOTE: Make sure you have access to the email address set in your account, otherwise our password reset will go to the wrong place.

    Also, make sure to check your spam-box in your email to see if your email provider mistakenly put your password reset in there.

    The items above cover 92.8% of all login problems to the forum. If you still can't login, make sure you provide the information below and contact us here:

    1. The most recent email address used to signup for the forum
    2. The username you used to register
    3. Your internet browser and version (for example: Internet Explorer 8.0)
    4. PC/Phone details, for example: Windows XP, iPhone 5, etc.
    5. The URL on which you're trying to login and the exact error message you are receiving
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    Invalid Emails / Bounced Emails:

    Once in a while when we send emails, we get a "bounce" from a user's ISP (internet service provider) telling us that they couldn't deliver our email to you.

    Sometimes they are "hard bounces" like: "This email address no longer exists"
    ... sometimes they are "soft bounces" like "This email box is full".

    When our system receives a hard bounce, it immediately sets the user's email as "invalid:bounced". Sometimes (depending on the type) after the system has received a handful of soft bounces, it will also mark the users email as "invalid:bounced".

    NOTE: Sometimes members mark our emails as "spam" (either accidentally or on purpose). This can also cause the system to invalidate the user's email address. We strongly suggest that members change their email settings instead of marking our emails as spam: How to turn on and off email notifications

    "I can't post - Emails Failed / Bounced"
    If your email address associated with your account has been set to "invalid", your ability to post in the forum might be restricted. If this is the case, you'll need to either work with your email provider to let our emails through, or update your account with a new valid email address.

    Here are the steps to update your email address:
    1. Go to your "Contact Details":
    2. Enter a new email address
    3. Enter your password
    4. Save Changes
    I don't know my password needed to change my email address!
    Scroll up to the first post and review the instructions there.

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    I've updated this thread with the proper links & instructions.

    If you're still having problems logging in or resetting your password, please contact us with your username, email address you used to signup, etc: Contact Us
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    Sometimes our member's email providers block the emails we send to them. Unfortunately we've had a few people that have marked our emails as "spam" instead of just clicking "unsubscribe". This can cause the ISP to treat our emails as spam for other members who want to receive emails from us. We strongly suggest that members change their email settings instead of marking our emails as spam: How to turn on and off email notifications

    On that note, one thing we wish everyone would do, is to easy white-list our [email protected] email address:

    If you're not getting emails from BYC, you need to work with your email provider to determine why our emails are not being delivered. You can also do the following.
    1. Whilelist the email [email protected]
    2. Check all spam folders for emails from [email protected] . Usually you can search for emails specifically in the spam box. In Gmail the search is: "in:spam [email protected]"
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