May 17, 2017
Hello, everybody! I currently have seventeen silkie chicks in the brooder, and one is very weak. I separated it with two others, and it's not eating nor drinking on its own since yesterday. I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, expecting it to have passed away, but it was fine, just weak. I dropper fed it a crumble mash/liquid and some water, and it's resting right now. Any thoughts on what this could be, and any suggestions on how to care for it is appreciated. Thanks, everybody!
Can you describe your brooder setup? How old is it? Have you checked for pasty butt?
I separated it with two others. It's in a box, newspaper on the bottom, followed by shelf liner, followed by a thin layer of pine shavings. There's a red heat lamp. It's about three days old, and there's no pasty butt, but there is a small dot of blood? red stuff? something, on the butt.
I would suspect possible coccidiosis from the symptoms you are describing, especially the blood. I would pick up some Corid and start them all on it ASAP.
I'm not sure about the blood, it looks like it's just ripped skin. It's not pooing either, which worries me. I fed it molasses from the dropper to try to get it to go. But yeah, I think it's ripped skin. Is Corid all natural?
Corid is a coccidiostat and it's not something you'd find in nature, no.

Have you tried giving some Poultry Nutri Drench? I would recommend it, it will help give the chick some energy and give it a boost.

It not pooping is concerning, does it look like it might have an impacted crop so that nothing is passing through?
No problem! The crop would be full of food, so it would look like a bulge on the chest, and it would not empty out and go down as it normally does as the food passes further into the digestive system because it's stuck.

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