Hen Haven-Southern style--More Pics. Run Roof Framing Done

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    Oct 2, 2010
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    Hi, For those of you following the progress. Today I did all of the framing for the open run roof. Will be stretching the chain link on top of framing over the weekend. Then starting on the framing for the metal roof over the enclosed area of run. Getting close to finishing this monster, FINALLY! Here are a few pics to see how I did it and maybe give other BYC'ers ideas. Not saying its perfect, but it works for us and was able to do all of the framing you see in these pics by myself in about 4 hours. Using joist hangers helped alot. Hope you enjoy. Erik




    This last pic shows area next to hen house where I still have to build metal roof over for protection for the girls during rain and hot days and keep their food dry.
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    [​IMG] That looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! [​IMG]

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