Hen with clear watery discharge (??? need advice)

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    3 days ago I see one of my Bantam Cochins with wet vent feathers and a mess. She was eating as normal, droppings seemed normal and no real issues although she was straining to relieve herself of the clear thick liquid.
    I let her be one day, then the next day I brought her into the house, washed her up, and now being a house chicken, I can watch and see that the "egg" has finally slowed down, she is still eating like a trooper, normal appearing waste and talking.
    Now, here is the question- er leave comments please, I have had 1 internal egg death last year, now a near death (I assume) from an internal egg, where most people never see a single egg issue.
    Unfortunately today she is slowing down, and a odd thin clear liquid is dripping off her "pants". This clear liquid is clear wet, when it dries, it is white. Her beak is covered where she has preened, on the floor, I let her out of the cage for a while so to exercise, and where ever she walked, it was good sized puddles for a bantam cochin. (I realize it spreads out, but I'm talking 30 seconds in one spot leaving a 6"x4" area of wet) There is a odor to it, but its not bad, just chicken smell, she is producing waste, drinking and eating less then yesterday.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I did give her Sulmet today, just incase.

    (if the response you read below doesn't fit the above wording, I changed it quite a bit.) Thanks.
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    Apr 8, 2009
    Sounds to me like you are doing everything right. If it is an internal laying problem, could it just be genetic? Are they related at all? I would definitely keep the fatty treats down, as excess weight can lead to egg-binding issues, but I'm sure you are already aware of that.

    I'm not familiar with bantam cochins or the Rau line. Good luck and I hope she gets better.
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    Thanks Hen, I appreciate your response. No, actually the 2 birds were not related and your comment reminds me that the bird that died last year was not that of the Rau line either. Grace is perking along, still damp but eating and was around the living room like a trooper, also found the cat food. I let her enjoy maybe added protein will help.
    Karl Rau birds are basically here in Maine by a breeder that worked on show stock. Also I cannot say just Maine, there are some of this line down into Alabama, Georgia from what I've been told.

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