10 Years
Jun 8, 2013
I have a hen that has just been acting... off. She has had some runny poo that's now stuck on her feathers. Also, she's been acting sluggish. Still eating & drinking, but she's walking with her tail pointed down instead of up, like all my other girls. 🤔

I don't entirely blame her, it's been in the triple digits for days now. 🥵

I have been giving them some Hydro Hen along with their regular water & they've had some lettuce & melon in the last few days to help try & keep them hydrated.

In the attached pictures, she's the only chicken with her tail pointed downward.


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UPDATE: I tried picking her up to see if she would react or not, she's not your typical snuggler. Her tummy felt... almost bloated? I didn't press too hard in fear if she was egg bound, but what can I try? 😔
Another update: I tried feeling her crop, it was flush with her body, but also felt bloated. It was almost as if there was a sack liquid under her skin?
She made it up the ladder to bed, she even hopped up on her perch with the other chickens. But she's still very sluggish. I can tell she just doesn't feel good. 😥
I'm sorry, I don't think I can help much, could it be worms? All so if her belly seems bloated maybe it could be water belly.
As far as getting her to eat maybe you could try some hard boiled egg.
I hope more experienced people will come along.
Hi I'm not very knowledgeable but does her crop feel liquidy she might have sour crop. Sorry about her
I tried feeling her crop last night & it was like... nonexistent? I honestly don't feel like she ate anything unless I was looking. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Does her belly feel like it has a lot of fluid in it?
So.. I'm not a chicken body parts expert.. but infront of her legs does not feel squishy. Behind her legs does. Almost between the leg & vent area.

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