Heritage Large Fowl - Phase II

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    I can't remember if I posted this before. I looked but couldn't find it in the list archive.
    Poultry Success, Volumes 16-17 Sept. , 1905 .
    Pages 10 and 11 .
    How to Breed Exhibition Silver Gray Dorkings.
    An Interesting Paper on Mating This Celebrated English Fowl For Best Results.

    By Frank L. Platt.
    Written Exclusively for Poultry Success.
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    Serotonin levels in some people are lower in winter than in summer. That is where the late winter blues for some people come from.

    SSRIs and SNRIs role is to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, and as a result keep more circulating in the blood stream. The idea is to boost mood. They are used as antidepressants.
    The serotonin levels drop at night. Sleeping late in the day does not help. Exposure to sunshine first thing in the morning boosts the body's production of serotonin and there will be more available in the blood stream that day.

    A good reason to get out and see the sunrise. Your mood will be better for it the rest of the day.

    Serotonin levels also have an effect (stimulate) on appetite. The feeling of well being effects social order. Mice with higher serotonin levels are more dominant. It is also important to the cardio vascular system (vessel tone) and in neurotransmission.

    I do not have a clue about birds, but the point is that everything is connected.

    When it is not hot, my birds love to take a sun bath.
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    Is it that you want to make the birds shorter or select for deeper keels?

    When I think about a good Sussex I see long wide bodies and deep keels. Legs slightly off center with a slight slope of the back shifting the weight to the legs.

    I picture a dressed bird laying flat on a plate. If that makes any sense. Kind of a cinder block a little out of level.

    Too me it is there depth that makes them appear low as much as anything.
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    My Columbian Wyandotte have no brassiness from their many hours in the sun. They choose to stretch out in the sun along side the Australorps. the Cochins prefer to find a shady spot.
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    X2. I had hatchery reds( I know I know they're really just crappy production reds ) and even though they would of never gotten as dark as they should of for the SOP the sun did quickly bleach them out.
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    X2. Exactly. Be careful not to reinvent the Dorking. Sussex have medium length in shank and thigh with visible thigh below the body line. Dorkings are short shanked without visible thigh below the body line. The Sussex differs from the Dorking in that it has longer shanks, a shorter tail, and, probably, a slightly shorter back.
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    Bob had vision. He also honest and true loved standard-bred fowl, and like anyone who's enjoyed the benefit of loving something enough to learn about it, he like to share so that others could find the treasure he himself had found.

    With that, yes, there is a need to always return to the purpose of this thread which is to help others branch out into SOP-based stock. Ask away, then, if you're looking for something. Several of us a pretty well connected and can help you find what you're hoping for.

    To that end, if anyone is looking for Light and Dark Brown Leghorns, PM me and I'll do my best to introduce you to a few sources. We offer RC Anconas and White Dorkings. Jeremy offers some excellent Rocks, NHs, as well as White Dorkings. Pick your poison.

    As to the tangents, I think that they've always been part of the health of this thread. It's one thing to convert; it's another to sustain.

    Perhaps most importantly, this thread has always been well grounded in the American Standard of Perfection, and that is what has always kept me coming back.
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    Unfortunately, I never knew Bob and from what I read, it's my great loss.

    I'm the third generation in a family that has bred for production above all else. The fourth, my son, is hell bent on producing and exhibiting NNs bred to the Standard of perfection and I'm determined to help him all the way.
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    The best SP Rocks I ever saw were owned by Charles Tigner,in Seale, ALA.. Charles passed away, but his friend, Warren Starke, may know where they went. They were large birds with incredible penciling, and won wherever shown.

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