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Jan 24, 2010
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Just wanted to get the word out about the poultry trade that goes on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. It is outside of Madisonville, TN... right off of Hwy 68. There is no building to google or address to search, it is just a big roof. You can google "East Tennessee Feed & Seed" as they are literally right next to where we all meet.

I know I will be there this Saturday (March 6th) with bantam barnevelder cockrels, a silver sebright cockrel, some standard Delaware hatching eggs and some silver sebright hatching eggs. I'll be there off and on all spring and summer with more birds and hatching eggs from different breeds. I also may be selling a coop (soon, not this weekend) that is 2x4 feet. I use it for a bantam duo and am thinking of building them a new one.

Everyone is welcome to buy, sell, trade. So bring your extra birds, and bring your cages!!

If anyone needs directions, they can PM me. However, it is really easy. It is a mile AFTER "The Lost Sea" if you come from Sweetwater (exit 60 on I 75) and it is about 3-4 miles outside of Madisonville (going toward Sweetwater) on Hwy 68. Like I said, it is right next to East TN Feed & Seed.

It runs from sun up to about 8-9 (each "vendor" is different). Very informal. Just show up and barter.

Oh, and it is very muddy from getting worn down every two weeks. So don't wear your best shoes! See you there!!!!
Oh I forgot to mention... I will be there and wearing a BYC "My Pet Makes Me Breakfast" T-shirt.

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