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Jul 14, 2022
Hi everyone, my daughter Joe and I, love fluffy butts. We currently have five chickens, 2 Silkie hens, 1 frizzle hen and 2 Frazzle roosters who are half brothers, 1 of which is a bit special needs, we couldn't bare to cull them once we found they were roosters and Frazzles, we don't breed obviously, but the little boys can live out their lives being spoilt here.
I also breed button quail, Joe even has a hand raised silver hen named Whisper, Joe is ASD with severe social anxiety and Whisper is her comfort pet. Whisper loves Joe, she follows Joe around like a puppy and screams if Joe leaves the room. Whisper is one expensive hen, she got attacked by birds while getting some sun one day and they ripped her neck open right down to her crop, $800 dollars later she's as good as new and turns 3 in August.
I also breed aviary birds, gouldian finches, manikins and red cheeked cordon bleus. We also have Joe's 1 eyed cockatiel, Flynn and 3 elderly cockatiels I inherited when their human Mum passed away.
I love all feathered babies and so does Joe.

I've never been part of a forum before, it might take me a little while to find my way around.
I hope to learn from all you wonderful fluffy butts fans.

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