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Jul 12, 2019
When I was letting my ducks roam the yard today I noticed my girl Daisy has a hole in her bill.
She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and has been eating and drinking normally.
I honestly am not sure how or when this happened, she was rescued from a kill house so she doesn’t ever really let me close to her (have a good zoom going on this photo)
I believe she has started laying eggs as of two days ago but it might be one of her sisters.
If anyone has any advice before I spend the money on a vet please lmk!



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May 22, 2019
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Hard to see how big of a hole. Does look the size of a nail hole. My gander punched a hole in his bill once and it healed fine. I did make sure the water stayed as clean as possible an I added ACV to it to kill any nasty bacteria that might be in the hole(wound). 1 tablespoon per gallon
It's more like the size of a dime. :(
Here's a blown up picture.

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Do you think you would have noticed it if this had been going on for a while? Or do you think it could possibly be an injury?
I am not saying there couldn't be something else going on best thing for you to do is catch her so you can examine her up close. she may not like it but it's the only way to really see what's going on. My ducks aren't liking me picking them up. I walk slowly behind them into their coop and close the door so I can get them with little stress.
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