Home from vacation!!


Apr 9, 2018
Jacksonville, Florida
I got home from vacation Sunday afternoon, and I don't know who was happier to see who. As soon a I got out of the truck I walked over to the Silkie/Polish run and said hi babies, and they come running and clucking. Splash, my roo, brought me food and dropped it at my feet, clucking. I picked each one up and gave them love. They actually stood in line waiting their turn. I picked up the food and thanked Splash, I don't pick him up. I have a camera in the run, so I was able to see them on my phone during vacation, which is another story involving hurricane Michael. My meat/ egg chickens were happy too, until they found out there were no treats, so they went about their business. I try not to get attached to my food.:lau
It's always nice to get a friendly greeting from the flock :D
After a rough day at work it is so great to have them excited to see you. I try to always bring treats. I couldn't bear for them to ignore me.

Mine make a special funny noise when they know I'm coming up to their run. They don't make that noise for anyone else.

Funny girls, they know who the Treat Lady is!
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