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I don't have the best pictures, but am interested in perhaps showing a couple of my girls in a local Livestock show..... Honest feed back would be so much appreciated!!!
1st girl...
9 month old Silver Laced Wyndotte



2nd girl...
9 month old Gold Laced Polish
Question... She got pecked on her top knot when she was young and some of the feathers grew back white. To us, we think it looks awesome, but would this disqualifier her in a show?




Last girl... Now 8 month old Blue Laced Red Wyndotte
1st pic taken when she was 5 months
Second pic (best I have right now) 8 months


I'm sure picture quality is going to hamper this whim, but what the heck!!!

Thanks for your opinions!
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Do you have a copy of the APA Standard of Perfection? That would tell you if the white feathers on your Polish would be a DQ or not. I don't have my copy of the Standard with me, so I'm afraid I can't tell you offhand how things would go. Hopefully someone else can give you commentary on your birds.
I would have to look it myself, but in general 1/2 inch of positive white is a standard DQ for a colored bird. If it were me I would pluck the few white feathers they likely grew in white do to damage and stress, but when plucked will likely come back in teh correct color. that has been my experience, that may not work if she is scarred though.
I had the same thing happen to my self black polish girl, Wendy. If I was to show her (which I probably won't, I would pluck the white feathers (even though I love it as you do!)


I plucked a few as they were really ratty, but they came back black
Not sure why!
If it's like a 4H type show, you're birds are quite good enough. I've seen REALLY bad birds place before, and yours are not really bad. Now if it's an APA sanctioned show, that would be a different story. Technically, as long as there's not glaring DQ, you *can* show any bird/animal, but if it's a really bad representation of the breed, would you really want to?

Your polish is quite nice, but I'd just pull the white feathers like someone else said. The wyandotte is nice too, a little small, but still should do well at a 4H type show. The BLR is technically a splash BLR, and the base color is kinda light, but like I said, they're a lot easier in smaller fair type situations.

Whatever your decision, your chooks look quite spoiled & happy, and that's the main thing
Thank you for your input! Yes, they are my spoiled pets and of course I think they're all "Best In Show"! I wouldn't want to put them through the stresses of showing if it wasn't absolutely warranted! I will still look forward to going to the shows, but as an observer only..... Baahaahaa! Chicken math will strike again!

If it is a more serious show, (not 4H or having a small number of exhibitors/birds) I'd say your Polish has the better chances. I've seen worse Wyandottes, yes, but I'm sorry - Yours still aren't very good quality. So I will be honest as asked - A Wyandotte hen should be large, very full in shape, having a wide body and showy rear and NOT a pinched or stick/bunny looking tail, and beyond conformation/type, the lacing there really isn't super.
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