How much longer do I have to wait for my 1st egg

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  1. Don't worry, roosters will naturally crow at 2:00AM if and when the notion hits them. Maybe you should concentrate on creating a sound proof or at least a sound resistant coop to hold a loudmouth rooster. There is a surgical procedure that will quiet a rooster and if he survives it (and even if he doesn't survive the procedure) his crow will be quieted. It involves cauterizing the roosters vocal cords with a red hot steel wire.
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    That doesn't sound too good!
    But if you caponize them before they start crowing (or at least in the Woo-Woo Woo-Woo stage), they become like a steer, a gelding, or a sissy. They are usually quiet, don't fight, and won't mount your hens (but they may squat for other roosters [ew!]).
    They will put on weight and are supposed to make excellent table fare.
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