How often are chickens "just pets"?

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    I have four chicks -- my first ones ever. And can I just say how much I love them? I really do. They just melt my heart. My husband rolls his eyes at me, but he likes them too and my kids are having a wonderful time watching them grow.

    I got chickens because I enjoyed watching my friend's small farm while she was away. Her chickens made me laugh.

    She, like the few other chicken owners I know, plans to slaughter the hens for meat when they stop productively laying to get new layers. She has meat chickens as well.

    I admire that, because I think it's respectful and correct to be responsible for your own food that way. Far, far better than getting chicken meat from a factory farm.

    But I'm so sentimental. When my chickens slow down their laying, I just want them to have a retirement with me. They're my pets. I'm just wondering... are chickens just kept just as pets very often?

    I'm sort of embarassed by how much I love my chickens already.
  2. Schultz

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    Aug 5, 2008
    Oh don't be embarrassed, we have chickens here that we will let live out thier lives. Not all of them have touched out hearts that way but we do have our "pets"!
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  3. silkiechicken

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    You'll find lots of members here who have them only for pets like a dog or cat, and also many members who have them for production. You'll also find tons with some as pets and some as production at the same time!
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    Jun 4, 2008
    First of all, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE EMBARRESSED ABOUT LOVING YOUR CHICKENS SO MUCH AROUND HERE!!!! I keep my chickens for pets, I've never killed one of them. There are tons of pet chicken owners here!

    you'll fit right in [​IMG]

  5. waibel zoo

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Sandy, UT
    My chcickens are pets only. I could really care less if I get eggs at all. Good thing I chose polish, cochin bantams and silkies.
  6. Sock Puppet

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    Mar 3, 2009
    Mesa, Arizona
    Yes, some are pets and some are not.

    I have 4 pet chickens so far [​IMG]
  7. chickenzoo

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    A lot of us keep them as pets. Mine are pets, egg layers, poo spreaders, bug catchers and all a round entertainment. [​IMG]
  8. I do have about 10 chickens that I would consider as pets.

    A RIR hen with a bum hip, yet she does get around ok

    A red jungle fowl roo and his 3 hens are pretty much pets

    An old cochin roo that does not know any better than to
    flog you, but pretty harmless.

    A few OEG roos.

    A few bantam hens

    And of course the Guinea hens.
  9. ChooksChick

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    Aug 17, 2008
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    My Coop
    Mine were purchased because there was a loophole in our city ordinance and I wanted fuzzy, feathered clowns in my life!!!!

    I think my husband was just about beside himself when he learned I found out about the loophole, because he knew I'd have chickens within the day if I could find any...and it was Chick Days time at the feed store!!

    They were out.

    I came back the next day when they were expecting guineas (didn't know enough then to know you don't keep guineas in a suburban neighborhood) and found a surprise shipment of Barred Rocks! I'll take 7, thanks (RIP Starlight)!

    They make me laugh every day. They aren't about to be anything other than the crazy, silly, nutty clowns they are. They run as fast as their legs will carry them to me when I walk out the back door, and if they're penned, they bubble up like they will burst at the corner as I approach. They want to sit in my lap and 'purr' when I sit still, and will cover me with birds (I'm sure I look absurd to my neighbors) if each can find a spot to sit. This Spring I got 8 more. I have 7 now, with a sick Polish and a cross beak Ameraucana in the bunch. I cried my eyes out for hours for the little Polish we already lost, even though we'd only had her for hours. I'm likely to have a 'special needs' bird out of this batch, and I'm there- all the way- as long as I can be.

    These are my little loves, and my daughters and hubby are in it with me, but not to the same extent, perhaps. It's a joy and if they give me eggs,'s a lot better than what my cat and dogs give me!!!

    If they stop, I was blessed up to that point.

    Glad to make your acquaintance, and I hope your feathered friends bring to you much bliss and blessing!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Lucy4

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    Aw, thanks everybody! The replies brought a smile to my face. [​IMG]

    Off to watch the peepers some more. They're looking at me expectantly for some entertainment...

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