Feb 23, 2018
So i just came across a mottled coloured chicken, she was amazing.
So i decided to have one...but couldn't get any..my question was that by breeding what colours or traits i will get that triat chicken(any colour)?
I'd just buy a mottled bird. Breeding to get that color will take you ages of trial and error (it's a recessive gene, and probably only birds that have been bred from mottled birds will have it.) And the bird you breed still probably won't be as nice as a chick you can buy from Cackle hatchery.

If you really like the color and don't care about egg production (and the fact that you're getting an Aseel says you probably don't want production birds) buy a set of mottled bantam chicks and raise them up to be lawn ornaments. Then sell their chicks. Bantam chicks bring surprisingly good money, where I am, especially if they're a pretty colour.

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