How to train my budgies? Help!

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    Hey everyone,
    I have five budgies and really need to train them but I can't find anything online for "How to train five budgies who won't even come near you."
    One of them is about 5 months, two are about 3 months, and two are about 1 month. One of my one month year olds has recently had a leg injury and cannot use his right foot, but he's getting around fine.
    First, I have tried several times to get them to eat veggies and fruit but they will never eat it. I think it would be a bit easier if they trusted me and were trained more, but also more difficult because a few are older. Right now none of them will hop on my finger when I put my hand in. Whenever I put my hand in, they all scurry away from it and don't want to come to me. I try not to grab them, but sometimes I have to if they need to go outside of their cage for some reason. That rarely happens though except for the injured one which we've been having to give medicine to daily. But tomorrow is the last day we'll have to do it, so no more.
    Another thing: My 5 month old budgie is more "violent" than the rest. I still love her, but she's the only one who will really try to bite you if you even go near her. Her bites hurt!
    I don't know how to train five budgies at once who don't really like me at all yet. If anyone could respond with exactly what I should try to do to get them to trust me, get used to me, get used to my hand, allow me to feed them, make them eat fruits/veggies, or if anyone needs to respond with more questions to be able to help me out, please do.
    I'm pretty lost right now.

    Thanks so much to anyone who responds.
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    So everyday put your hand in their cage. Then eventually they might start hopping onto your hand. Continue that until they consistently do that. Then take them out of the cage.
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    Trying to train more than one at once is very difficult ... They rely on each other for comfort & interaction. I've never had more than one at a time for "training", only when I decided to breed did get another, then the "tame" one was not so tame :rolleyes: but that was what I expected.

    The best advice is as Sephora day stated, slowly put your hand/arm in their cage & wait. You could try putting some treat in your palm but don't expect them to respond positively immediately, it's going to take patience and time. Don't take them out of the cage unless you're in a small room with all the doors & windows shut, you could trim a wing but expect to try catching them.
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    I doubt you will train your birds to be kissing you, sitting on your finger and being petted etc... because you have a few together. A single budgie is always recommended to tame as it is so lonely and desperate it will bond with a human for the company it needs. Your birds will be having all the fun, entertainment and affection from the other budgies you have.

    However, it will be possible to get them not scared of you... and to perch on your arm or shoulders quite easily. Also a group is much more fun to watch them playing and interacting with each other... and the budgies will be much happier in a flock.

    I have over 30 budgies in an aviary outside.. and nearly all of them are not scared of me... they will eat food from my hand through the aviary mesh... and if I go inside to feed them their seeds they will fly and land on the dish as I am carrying it.. and some land on my arms and head.

    They also finish off entire heads of broccoli, raw carrots and sweet corn on the cob like piranha fish!!!

    I did nothing to train them like this.. it just naturally happened over time.

    Try the following things to help them see you as a flock member... a kind of giant friendly budgie lol

    1. NEVER catch them or chase them about (unless its for their medical treatment)
    2. Don't over feed them... if they are full on seeds they won't be tempted to try other foods. Also if they get fat they die young from health problems.
    3. Take time each day to just be near the cage, read a book or play on your phone... so they get to understand that you are not out to catch or pester them. They will be curious of you and come to see what you are doing.. and listen to music or sounds on your phone / TV.
    4. Offer them small amounts of treats through the cage bars... like millet spray, seeding grasses, etc.
    5. Only fill up their seed pots when they are nearly empty... so the birds are hungry.. and when you fill them up make a call, or shake the tin.. so they associate you with food coming.
    6. And don't stare at them... humans look like predators (with our eyes at the front) and if you stare at them they get spooked thinking you are planning to jump on them and eat them. So, look at them out the corner of your eye. When they are tame they won't mind you looking them in the eye.
    7. Don't make sudden movements near the cage, or sudden noise. Don't wear scary hats or flappy clothes that might startle them.

    I think if you do all that they will tame down really fast and no longer be scared of you.

    PS. A really good healthy treat form them (especially when they are molting their feathers) is mashed up hard boiled egg and the shells. You can have fun adding finely chopped up vegetables, like carrots and broccoli to the mix.. as well as some seeds. You can make a batch of this food and freeze it.. and just take out a spoonful when needed.

    Good luck with you pets.
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    Hi! Not sure how well this will work with having five.. as someone said it’s easier to tame just one as you are their only flock member. But you will have to catch them to do this.. my oldest daughter bought a “reject” cockatiel.. he was on sale as he was simply vicious.. so we bought him cuz “he was a bargain” :lol:.. anyway, she caught him with a glove on as cockatiels can bite hard! Then clipped his wings.. both of them.. and went in the bathroom and put the bird in the bathtub and then sat in there with him.. well, he proceeded to climb up her to sit on her shoulder cuz birds want to be up high.. she did this daily and he became the sweetest bird.. eating from her mouth ( remember, he was vicious!) she taught him to talk and he could sing/whistle the whole Andy Griffith theme song!.... I would go on YouTube to see how exactly to trim the wings as to do it safely..... Now my youngest daughter has three parakeets that all live together and one of them was hand raised and she is still able to hold and handle her even though she lives with other birds. Nothing is impossible if you really want it and work at it.
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    Sitting calmly near them, and offering millet as the poster above said. It took me over a month of sitting near Dylan, the African Grey in my avitar, before she trusted me enough to come to me without a treat. She could take a treat right away, she was an older bird when I got her. Your babies need to get used to you, have a daily routine. Feed at the same time. Say the same word, or make the same sound when you feed them. They love to know what will happen, that makes them feel safe.

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