I dont think our chicks are too fond of 90 degrees


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Nov 16, 2009
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They are about 5 or 6 days old and we've been keeping their brooder at about 90 degrees and they are going to the far end to cool down. I thought they liked around 95?? I think they would be baked at that temperature if they are shying away from barely 90!

They seem to be happy as a clam with 80-85.

is this odd??
Mine are the same... They seem to be about a week ahead of the recommended. I've just been going by what they prefer cuz I figure they know better than I do
Just make the hot spot 90 and let them self regulate to cooler areas of the brooder. If too much of the brooder is too warm, just slower the heat. Listen to the chicks because they'll know better than a book. If the little fluffy butts are inside, they only have to deal with a temp gradient of let's say 95 under the light to 70 away from the light. If they were outside, at night, they might have to deal with a 95 under the light, to a 40 away from the light, which may make them stick to the light more.
My chicks were never fond of the 90 degree rule either. They preferred it in the 80 - 85 degree range from the start.
Do what the chicks tell you. They should be happily milling about the brooder, sometimes under the light, sometimes not.
Same here, mine would sit around with their beaks open at the recommended temp. They seemed to prefer about 5 degrees cooler than the recommended temp and did just fine.
I have had 3 silkie chicks in the house since they hatched and I've never had any light/heat on them since they were a week old and they have been fine. I had their cage where they could get the heat from the register when the furnace was going and that's how they grew for 2 weeks. Now I have them in my south facing unheated porch and they are thriving without any extra heat even tho the temperature drops down to close to freezing in there at night. Today was only + 5 C (about 40F) and I noticed they were panting because they were warm from the sun so I had to crack open the window for them. In another couple of weeks (weather permitting) I'm going to put them out into the "big coop" in their own pen.

At night they do snuggle under a feather duster to sleep - I guess their own body heat is good enough because they sleep and don't make a peep all night!

The chicks that are started out in cooler temperatures seem to be hardier and feather out quicker.
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Mine, too! They always liked it 5-10 degrees cooler than the recommended temperature. I threw my thermometer away in the first week and am just going by how they act. At 3 weeks old, they have lots and lots of feathers and they are probably at 70 degrees and love it. I turn off the light over their brooder and let them bask in the sunlight of the window when it's warm out. They love that more than anything.

Just go with how they act and they'll be fine.

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Mine like it around the 70 to 75 mark over all of the brooder it's about 90* under direct light and sometimes they are there and somtimes they aren't they mill around all over the brooder I did my test before I got them and this is how I know what it is in there now I have them I just go by what they say you to will throw the thermo away and listen to the girls in due time.

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